top secret you may be know to long lasting your relationship

dayalmrsjaiswalJune 23, 2019
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if you use that link so throughout our
lives we enter into many different types
of relationships the relationships you
have with your friends your families
your colleagues and your partners can
make a big impact on your life
positive or negative and unfortunately
recognizing a negative relationship
isn’t really easy especially when you’re
in a romantic relationship where
feelings can cloud logic so in this
if you notice any of these red
flags you might be in a negative
relationship and you should probably
talk to some of your friends or even a
relationship therapist about your situation
number one is lack of motivation our
passions drive us in life they get us up
in the morning and they get us excited
about life even if you don’t currently
have your dream job your passion may
help you go to work and be productive
throughout the day when someone doesn’t
have that motivation or a passion they
can fall into laziness now they might
not care to be promoted at their job
they don’t want to improve themselves or
they might not have an interest in
progressing and this lack of motivation
will creep into every area of their
lives including their relationship with
you when a person has no drive to grow
they will have no motivation to improve
their relationship and old problems will
not get solved plus the lack of
motivation can be contagious
don’t let someone’s lack of motivation
bring you down or prevent you from
moving forward in your life now I know
it’s hard to know when you can help
someone and when they’re just gonna
bring you down so when it comes to this
one you have to be very mindful number
two is obsessiveness on the other hand
obsessiveness can be a red flag
especially if you are that person’s
obsession we all know new relationships
are exciting and it’s fun to spend time
with people that you love but when a
person has no independent passions and
they’re only interested in spending
I’m with you you should probably back
away slowly every person has to have
their own life you have to live yours
without having to spend day and night
with someone who is obsessed with you if
you see the signs of obsessiveness you
are probably seeing the psychological
signs of something that we call anxious
attachment and it can cause some serious
number three is possessiveness so your
relationship may be special
but it’s not the only relationship that
you should ever have as a partner as a
child a parent a friend you have to
retain a sense of Independence this
independence includes the freedom to
have other relationships if a person
wants to limit the time that you spend
alone or the time that you spend with
your friends or other people then you
probably have a right to be upset
this type of possessiveness is common
amongst domestic abusers and people who
score high on the dark triad personality
traits victims may feel isolated or cut
off from their friends and family and
this isolation can end up being very
dangerous eventually this isolation
could make the victim feel like they
have nowhere to turn in life if the
abuse gets dangerous so I recommend
don’t let a partner limit where you can
go or who you hang out with especially
when they don’t have good reasons to
justify these types of feelings number
four is history of poor unresolved
relationships everyone if you look in
their past has good and bad
relationships in their lives but as you
start to reflect on these relationships
you should be able to calmly explain why
a relationship went sour if someone in
your life has a history of rotten and
unresolved relationships maybe there are
crazy exes or they’re terrible friends
that might not be the problem
even if you think your relationship with
them is special there is no saying that
history will not repeat itself you could
end up being that crazy ex or that
terrible friend on the line maybe they
were the problem not their exes so when
someone can’t calmly explain why their
past relationships didn’t work out or
constantly badmouth people in their
lives you might want to find the closest
exit is they might be doing the same to
you pretty soon number five is
unpredictability unpredictable mood
swings especially anger aren’t just
frustrating they’re actually pretty
scary when you don’t know what could set
a person off they could switch at any
time now there are certain hormonal
imbalances or mood disorders that can
explain sudden mood swings and while
this can explain outbursts they might
not always justify the things that were
said or the things that we’re done
during these outbursts if someone is not
actively seeking help for these types of
outbursts or aspec
if they don’t believe that they’re
negative you are not in a safe situation
the sixth red flag is that they blame
you for things that aren’t your fault
now it’s really easy to point fingers
and tell someone it’s your fault you
caused this but this behavior rarely
reflects the reality of every situation
people may put the blame on someone else
to avoid taking responsibility of their
own actions and even if it’s no one’s
fault the person may just want to give
themselves a reason to be upset
see you could be the victim of gas
lighting and if you guys don’t know what
gas lighting is and you want to learn
more about it please leave a comment
below to let me know
so moving on misunderstandings happen if
a person blames you for something that
isn’t your fault
and then apologizes you should be able
to forgive them it happens from time to
time but if someone repeatedly gets
angry at you for things that are outside
of your control you may be putting
yourself in a situation where you are
demonized for no reason at all red flag
number seven is that they’re secretive
about their past everyone has things
that they’d like to forget about but in
a relationship these past indiscretions
should be important to know especially
as you get close to someone you should
be able to discuss past indiscretions or
failures or what you have learned about
your mistakes if someone refuses to talk
to you about their past relationships or
specific parts of their life you should
have a right to feel suspicious if
someone gets angry for you wanting to
know about their past you definitely
have a right to feel suspicious what
could they be hiding why are they
getting angry about it it’s a big red
flag and number eight the last one I
have for you guys is that your gut tells
you something is wrong don’t be afraid
to go with your gut when you feel that
something is not right
see psychologically what you call your
gut is actually intuition and it’s
created by complex unconscious thought
processes that may be warning you about
something that you physically cannot see
whether you find yourself constantly
forgiving someone for various
indiscretions or you’re hearing from
friends and family that a person is not
good to you that gut feeling is probably
right don’t be afraid to reach out if
you have a funny feeling about someone
ask your friends and it doesn’t just
include people in your life if a friend
a family member or a colleague that you
know is in a relationship with someone
who just doesn’t seem right to you
don’t be afraid to take them aside and
tell them how you feel about that person
if enough people take the same action
you could potentially save a person from
a dangerous relationship so ending this
I hope that these eight red flags
can prevent you from starting or even
continuing a dangerous or abusive
relationship if you found this

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